Being a single mother of two toddlers is very overwhelming.I found myself being really impatient and not finding a good way on how to be more patient with good parenting skills. I went to Michael to have someone to talk to about the stressors of being a single mom and find some balance in parenting my energetic children. Michael taught me that all of the self -judgments that I had about being a poor mother were not true.

I was being hard on myself and buying into those false beliefs that I was a bad mother. It certainly was affecting the way that I was dealing with my children. During counseling, I worked really hard on letting go of those beliefs and coming to the understanding that I am a great mother and that I want to be more nurturing of that.

Ever since I was able to let go of that irrational belief, I am able to have more patience and be more loving to myself and to my children. I am so appreciative of what Michael has helped me realize. He is a great counselor and I would recommend him to anyone who wants his help.