Rich and Claire

We had been having some relationship issues for the last 6 months prior to finding Michael.

We had been to marriage therapy before and thought that it was somewhat helpful, but after a few days or weeks went by we found ourselves right back where we started.

Our fights just seemed to be more common than not. We both were at our wits end. We both were very much in love, we just did not know how to communicate with one another in a way that was not arguing.

We saw Michael for a couple months on a weekly basis and after the first couple of weeks I could see a change in our relationship. Michael taught us how to listen to one another and not to take things personally when the other person says how they may feel about something. Boy, It took a lot of practice, but the techniques that we were taught surely did help us.

I never felt judged or that he took sides. The whole process was great and I am so grateful that we found him. I know that my husband is too, as there is not much stress around our relationship anymore!

Thank you Michael for helping us get our marriage back on track!